Heir to Power – Chapter 6

Naturi watched them walk away, thinking he’d love to give Collin a lesson in manners. He hated when Collin called Kairma Boo. It was undignified, and far too intimate. Collin was seventeen now, old enough to take a mate, and Naturi thought he should be more respectful. He bristled at the thought of Collin taking…

Heir to Power – Chapter 5

Kairma was feeling a little uneasy about probing around the Godstones as she climbed up the stairs on the left side of the fourth head and walked through the narrow crevice that led to the opening of the newly discovered shrine. Seeing Collin and Zedic just finishing their lunch, she smiled brightly.

Heir to Power – Chapter 4

A moment later Jettena called them for lunch. Kairma was famished and Isontra agreed to continue the lesson later. Laying down the ancient records, the two women joined Jettena at the long dining table. Her little brothers were at the table already playing with their food, but Zedic was nowhere to be seen. Kairma was…

Heir to Power – Chapter 3

Zedic was an early riser by nature and tried hard to please his mother. Not only did he do his own chores, he often helped dress and feed his three younger brothers as well. The four-annum old triplets could be a handful at times, and Jettena liked to keep their home clean. Zedic didn’t understand…

Heir to Power – Chapter 2

Kinter stood up, placing her clenched fists on her hips. “It’s about time you came back! I was beginning to think the Whitish really had eaten you. I was just about to leave you for dead.” Her anger didn’t fool the others; she looked frightened.