Designing Book Covers – Part 2 – The Candy Store

The Trilogy didn’t take off like we had hoped and it’s hard to say if the cover was holding it back or not. After walking through stores and studying other covers I realized most books have a person on the cover. So my next book cover would incorporate a character. The rest of the imagery had to be interesting and relative to the story.

The Candy Store cover idea went through as many changes as The Healing Crystal trilogy. The first idea was a young woman walking past a candy store and seeing her reflection in the glass. Her reflection would be dressed in a dropped waist style from the 1920s, while in front of the store, she would be wearing padded shoulders and obviously 1980s clothing. Everything inside the store would be from the 1920s while the car passing her would be from the 1980s. It would appear as if going inside the store she would go back in time.


After several photoshoots, I was frustrated and unable to get the image right. The Photoshop skills needed to get this right were apparently beyond me. It might have been better if I’d used a drawing or watercolor. I didn’t like the feeling so I switched things around and tried some new ideas.


While searching for new ideas, I found the girl who would be my protagonist, Jett. That led me to a different color scheme.


I was happy with Jett but the image was still incomplete. I tried a couple different storefronts and some clock images.


The back-to-back layout wasn’t saying enough about one person living in two different times, so I searched for some new images that concerned time and the 1920s.

PoagueTCSSet5CollageThe story is a typical “fish out of water” and it takes place in the 1920s, so there is a fair amount of history. The old car and storefronts set the era, and the Fibonacci spiral tells the reader it’s about time travel.

Through the magic of layering, I was able to combine the images while leaving the tough-as-nails Jett as the focal point.


I used the same font for my name IUniverse used. For the title, I chose a non-script font because script fonts tend to be more feminine or romantic. Although there is some light romance, the story is more about finding your way in the world.

Next post: The Broken Shade cover story.

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