Letting it Go for a Good Cause.

I’ve been thinking about it for at least a year. Letting it go. The little grey hairs were curly and making it hard to comb the really long hair. Especially at the nape of my neck. Plus I really do like donating my hair to a good cause like Locks for Love.

This is the third time I’ve donated my hair. The first time was in 2008. I donated about 20 inches. At that time my hair was nearly to my knees so it wasn’t all that short after the cut, still two to three inches past my shoulders. The last time I cut my hair was in 2013. I cut just enough (about 9″) so I could sleep at night without this rope braid nearly choking me to death. It was still a few inches past my shoulders.

This time I was going to go pixie short but my friend who helped me cut my hair, Linsee, talked me into taking it a little slower. So, we started with a long-line page that sat on my shoulders. It was still in my face so I had her cut more. I’ll test this length a few days and might go shorter after the first of the year.

The curls are such a nice surprise. I was dreading the cut a bit because I thought I’d have to spend an hour a day messing with my hair. What you see is all natural. I’m truly loving it. Not sure Kevin (my guy) feels the same but he loves me anyway.



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  1. Bud Martin says:

    You seem to be aging gracefully. Most folks never get over being teenagers. Now, not so much the grim countenance of the Libertarian advocate. I remember the very long (ankle-length?) do of the Lib office in downtown … a grim presentation stalking down the hall (my first memory)–still evident in Atlanta. Has writing liberated your psyche?

    1. Thank you for your compliment on my aging. Yes, It’s been a long road from the dingy (we’re speaking condemned building) LPCO office on 18th street. I still stay somewhat active but not the 20 hours a week a used to do. On another note, writing can be very freeing. I might put a bit more social commentary in my books than is strictly necessary, but a girl has to have a place sing in the end. MP

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