Candy Making – 3 Essential Tools

Thermometer and Saucepan
(1) Heavy Saucepan and (2) Clip-on Candy Thermometer – Your pan should have thick sides and a thick bottom that will conduct heat evenly and be large enough for your candy mixture to boil freely without boiling over. A good clip-on candy thermometer will help you cook your candy mixture to the exact temperature specified in your recipe. When attached, make sure the thermometer doesn’t touch the bottom of the pan (you want the temperature of the candy, not the pan).
Melted dark chocolate in a saucepan, being stirred with a wooden spoon
(3) Wooden Spoon – because it will not absorb heat, it is the preferred utensil for stirring hot (and sometimes super-hot) chocolate and sugar mixtures.










Hello Friends and Fans!

Whether I’m writing a new story or making candy, I’m always looking to improve on the old recipes and add new ones to my “cookbook”. And whether candies or stories, I like a variety of styles, tastes and textures. How about you?

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