The Candy Store: From Editing to Launch

CSCoverArt 072515Earlier this year, in February to be exact, my 4th book, The Candy Store was in editing. I thought I’d be finished and published by April or May, however, from the initial editing phase, the manuscript went to rewrite, back to editing, then to proofing three times, then formatting, and finally to pre-publishing for a beta test and early reviews, then revisions and finally – it’s done!

It’s a process to be sure.

The early reviews have been very good and I’m pleased to share a few highlights with you here:

“An orphaned 1980s teenager travels through time to the Jazz Age to discover the mystery of her identity in this sweetly confected historical fantasia…An engaging, bittersweet saga about finding a place to belong”. KIRKUS REVIEWS

“Reading The Candy Store was like savoring a bittersweet chocolate bar that has a surprise twist in flavor at the last bite. The novel was a delicious combination of sci-fi, time travel, historical fiction, and romance.” Star 360, Lit Pik Reviewer  READ FULL REVIEW

“Although this is the story of Jett’s life, it is also the story of a generation as seen through the many lives that become a part of her story. An important part of the novel is its historical content and the social settings of the time, clearly conveyed and interesting in itself. The author writes with perception and with insight into human nature pulling the reader into the story. Characters are finely honed, universal, typical of their generation, and convincing in their individuality — a good ending with a bit of subtlety”. Robert Krueger, author of The Children’s Story, About Good and Evil  READ FULL REVIEW


We enjoyed a wonderful launch party for The Candy Store on August 22. As many of you know, I love to entertain and my book launches are all about celebrating. I thoroughly enjoy all of the details and preparations for a theme party especially the food, drinks and decorations. For The Candy Store, the theme was 1920s Garden Party (complete with a speakeasy). Fans, friends and family got into the spirit arriving in many types of costumes of the period. Thanks to all who attended!

Joe and Guy KeelyandCory DonAlter2MeghannFlowers 2  Food 1MP and NylaJean

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