Valentine’s Day – the unofficial end of the “holiday” season (like Halloween is the unofficial beginning).

I don’t know about you, but for me, the time between Halloween and Valentine’s Day seems to get shorter every year.

Time is a strange thing which is why it’s such a great inspiration for a story line.

And speaking of story lines…

A few weeks ago I shared the cover art for my upcoming novel, The Candy Store. Since then, I’ve polished the manuscript and researched, interviewed and chosen an Editor for the book.

Michele Poague, Author and James Hallman, Editor

I’m pleased to announce James Hallman of WriteWorks agreed to be my Editor. James enjoyed a fantastic trip to Europe over the holidays and then hit the ground running upon his return. He has read and evaluated my manuscript; we have met to discuss his ideas and edits; and I am now in the process of a fairly major re-write but boy is it worth it! This is the value of a local and collaborative relationship. I am so pleased with our progress and will keep you updated.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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