One story led to another and voila! The Candy Store.

It’s been another interesting journey for me as an author. After writing and publishing The Healing Crystal, a science fiction trilogy (Heir to Power, Fall of Eden and Ransom), I wanted to write a lighter – and shorter – story.

My plan was to write a novel (based in part on personal experience) about remodeling a 100-year-old house in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood in the 1980s while working as a cocktail waitress in a strip club. In what is now going to be my 5th novel, Last Kiss, the heroine uncovers the ghost of a 1920s Jazz singer and must figure out who the singer is and why she’s haunting the house. But that, as they say, is another story. The point is, while doing the research for Last Kiss, I came up with the idea of transporting a girl from 1982 to 1927, a story that would also be set in Denver. (I’ve lived in Denver for decades and love its rich and colorful history).

The second idea took hold over the first one and in 2013 I began researching and writing my 4th novel, The Candy Store. I embraced the history of the two time periods in my story (20s and 80s) even though it took a lot of research time to verify language styles and rhythms (especially slang) and specific moments in time (both mundane and historical) for two separate-but-similar decades. I found myself writing the story and then stopping to ask myself something like: would someone have said that in the 20s? For example, the phrase “that’s the greatest thing since sliced bread” has been around for what seems like forever (we used it in the 80s, for sure), but do we know when sliced bread was actually invented? Or do we even realize that it was indeed an invention and that there was a time when bread wasn’t pre-sliced for us?

I believe the time spent on the details has been worthwhile to the quality of the story and has certainly helped develop and give personality to my characters. The Candy Store manuscript is in the process of editing and I expect to have it published in early 2015. In the meantime, I’m excited to give you a little taste of The Candy Store with this preview of the cover art.

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