Thank You Ransom Blog Tour Participants!

RAN2The Healing Crystal, Book 3, Ransom was well-received by readers, reviewers and raffle participants on a Blog Tour that wrapped up November 18, 2013.

I am so grateful to all of the bloggers who allowed us to share the story of The Healing Crystal with so many of their followers and supporters. Both bloggers and guest writers posted honest, well-written reviews of The Healing Crystal trilogy
After review of the Blogs on the tour, I am pleased to announce that our $50 prize winners are:
Eva Kosinski – Best Written Review
Eva captured the essence of the story of The Healing Crystal so well in her  Guest Review at Boricuan Bookworms. Seriously could not have said better myself.
Rebecca, The Library CanaryBest Overall Blogger
Rebecca receives props for her over-the-top participation in the Ransom Blog Tour 2013, including reviews of Heir to Power, Fall of Eden and Ransom. She read and reviewed all three books in a matter of weeks! A feat worthy of notice.
I sincerely appreciate all of the Bloggers who participated on the Tour. If you didn’t get a chance to visit them when first posted, here are the links to their wonderfully-written reviews and guest posts:
Blog: A Book A Day Reviews:
Summaries of Heir to Power/Fall of Eden and Review of Ransom
Blog: Tickets to the Rabbit Hole:
Review of Ransom by Julie PK
Blog: Chapter Break:
Guest Post: What do Blogger Mean to Authors? By Sunday Smith
Blog: Cynthia Shepp:
Quiz: What Kind of Reader are You?
Blog: Ryans’ Retake:
Guest Post: Libertarians in the Book World, with comments by Leah and Beth
applecardtogetherLots of you shared the story of The Healing Crystal by entering our Ransom Blog Tour 2013 Raffle. We are pleased to announce that Morena B. and Sienna S. were the winners, receiving a Crystal Apple USB Drive and a $15 Gift Card, respectively.
If you haven’t read my stories and would like to, pop over to  To Read or Not To Read and enter the raffle for the The Healing Crystal trilogy (Heir to Power, Fall of Eden and Ransom) on e-book.
I look forward to your continued feedback and comments!
In Gratitude.


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