Time for adventure!

Summer is the time for adventure and what more exciting way to celebrate the 4th of July than a trip to Mount Rushmore?

At Mt Rushmore
At Mt Rushmore, near the artist’s studio

In the artist’s studio, Hall of Records model

Should you have the opportunity to see the great faces of America located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, be sure to visit artist Gutzon Borglum’s studio where a miniature model of a great vault tells the story of his dream: a plan to assure future generations would always know the facts about its creation and more. My dream would be to see our own Library of Alexandria completed for future generation to discover.

Rushmore Archive Rm 1aBut just for a moment, imagine coming across that stone monument without any foreknowledge of why it was there. Like the great sphinx of Egypt, what would you think if there were no markers or anyone to tell you the history…

…Kairma tripped over a rock and stumbled into Collin, her eyes fastened to the mountainside. He caught her before she could fall, grinning with self-satisfaction. Kairma was stunned.

The ancient shrine wall was about one hundred and fifty feet high. Her pale fingers caressed the white granite columns cut into the mountain itself. They flanked the entrance to what appeared to be a long forgotten temple. Tilting her head back, she scrutinized the great bronze-colored rectangle. Etched in the hard stone above the massive entry was the script Kairma had learned as a child. Each letter was more than three feet tall and perfectly formed. The great bronze rectangle was divided down the center, each nearly four feet wide and almost fourteen feet high. There were two jet-black ball shaped objects the size of Kairma’s fist, jutting out from the center division about waist high. Just below the balls were large swirls of black alloy arching away from the portal.  She was breathless. “Oh, My, Stones!”

Collin beamed. “Hey Boo! It’s really something’, isn’t it?” His voice was soft and comforting, like warm summer rain. She turned to see a crooked, but endearing smile play across his lips……With a little more effort, they were able to move the immense obstacle far enough to pass behind it. For an intense moment, they looked at each other, grinning broadly. Zedic walked to their packs and grabbed one of the torches Collin had thought to bring. Lighting it, he moved cautiously up to the gaping slit of the entrance and handed the torch to Collin. For a few moments, they stood before the great doors and stared, excited, but unsure of what possible danger may be awaiting them.

It was Collin who made the first move. Leading with the torch, he stuck his head through the opening to peer inside. “Great Stones!” He whispered warily.

The room beyond the door was completely free of dirt. In the cryptic shadows thrown by the light of his torch, Collin could make out the shape of a table and various chairs. He quickly stepped back and handed the torch to Zedic, motioning for him to have a look.

Zedic peeked through the opening, but didn’t step inside. “By the Crystal, Collin, what do you make of this? I’ll bet it’s as old as the mountain itself!” He turned to Collin who was lighting the other torch. “It looks even bigger than the Gathering House. Do you think two torches will be enough?”

“It’ll have to be enough, it’s too late to go back for more. Come on, let’s go in.”

Collin’s eyes blazed excitedly as he disappeared through the narrow opening. Kairma looked at Zedic, shrugged, and stepped through the opening almost running into Collin who had stopped short, gaping at the sight before him.

Zedic squeezed past Kairma. As he held the second torch high above his sister’s head, lighting the whole room, he said, “Stars and Stones! It’s unbelievable.”

The entrance to the shrine was covered with a mosaic of opaque blue and gold lapis that framed bronze pictures of gods, birds, flags, and a myriad of things the three Survinees had never seen before. The immense, rectangular room was at least eighty feet long and sixty feet wide, it’s massive walls arching gracefully to white marble ceiling, thirty feet above the polished marble floor. Around the outer walls, about three feet below the arch of the ceiling, was a finely carved frieze depicting more mysterious objects. Some were battle scenes with men on horses, other scenes looked like gods or men in wheeled carts. The floor was made of the same fine marble stone and felt slick under their soft leather footwear.

Recesses, cut into the stone of the walls to the right and the left of them, were filled with cabinets of an unfamiliar transparent material, framed by the same golden alloy as the outer doors. Inside the cabinets were hundreds of silver cylindrical canisters. Between each recessed bank of cabinets stood statues of Gods, some of them they recognized as the Gods of the Godstones, others were unfamiliar. Although the faces of the Gods carved into the mountain were male, inside the tomb, they found female Gods as well.

An immense table dominated the back half of the room, and on the wall directly behind the dark wooden table was a large picture. The picture was mostly white with patches of green and smaller spots of blue. The white spaces were divided into smaller sections by dotted lines. The center of white lay between borders of blue and had strange words written all over it. There were red and blue squiggly lines running everywhere. Kairma tried to read the words written across the huge picture, recognizing a few, like north, south, new, and lake, but the rest made no sense to her at all.

A mahogany leather chair sat behind the table and dozens of smaller chairs lined up in front. Set on the massive table, were four of the strange lightweight silver canisters that filled the clear cases.

Zedic caught his breath in awe of the spectacle that lay before him, lamenting, “How strange and wonderful these Gods must have been.”

|Excerpts: The Healing Crystal, Book One, Heir to Power  [MORE]

MtRush2011-Models-1Happy Independence Day, family, friends and fans – may your summer adventures be full of fun, good surprises and unexpected discoveries!


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