Keep Calm and Carry On

Misprinted Cover of Ransom

The saga of Ransom continues…last week I was able to announce that Ransom is now published. I was so thrilled. The response has been wonderful. I happily ordered hard copies of my newest book in anticipation of signing them for fans at the Dragon’s Den in Sioux Falls this Saturday. [MORE INFO]

They arrived yesterday. And to my horror I quickly discovered that the book jackets are wrong. Beyond wrong. Somehow in the process of producing and printing the book jacket for the hard copy version of Ransom, the art got messed up and Ransom became Randsom. And if that wasn’t too much, on the back it said: Book Two Heir to Power – not even that is correct since Book One is Heir to Power and Book Two is Fall of Eden! – rather than Book Three Ransom. Cussing ensued. Epithets were sworn. It was 20 minutes of wishing bad things to rain down upon those who had made such egregious errors.

And then the phrase: “Keep Calm and Carry On” popped into my head. I took a deep breath and thought to myself: Just get it fixed. Emails were sent and phone Keep-calm-and-carry-on-scancalls have been placed. I’m still pretty miffed, and frankly dumbfounded, but there are more important and much more tragic events happening in the world. The best we can do is see to it that corrections are made. We keep calm.

If any of you have purchased the hard copy of Ransom from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and you have received a misprinted book jacket, let me know via email Carry on.


picard-face-palmOn a similar note, check out my friend Julie’s humorous look at spelling and grammar in her post: Misadventures of the Writing and Editorial Kind


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