Thumbs-Up from Ms. Jeanz for Heir to Power and Fall of Eden

Reviews of Heir to Power and Fall of Eden; Heir to Power excerpt;  interview and insights from avid reader and prolific blogger, Ms. Jeanz. Thank you, Ms. Jeanz, your words make my heart smile.


I seriously do not want to spoil the book so will not give spoilers. I will say I would definitely recommend this book. I would compare it to Bithmarked and Prized by Caragh O’Brien, or Outside by Shalini Boland, it also has a little Forest Of Hands And Teeth by Carrie Ryan thrown in too. READ FULL REVIEW  …  EXCERPT FROM HEIR TO POWER


I again loved the pace of the book, the way it kept me reading answering my questions as we went along, and making me think of even more possibilities and questions, so much so, I will definitely be putting bk3 on my to be read list. READ FULL REVIEW




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