Important News about the First Run of Heir to Power!

Important News! Hi – this is Michele Poague, budding new author, learning about this process the hard way. After reading the first printed copy of Heir to Power I have discovered, and received feedback about, errors in the text. Fear not! The errors are being corrected and new files are being submitted to all of the fulfillment outlets including Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Borders. Please note: if you are planning on ordering Heir to Power within the next 60-90 days, you might still receive a copy with errors. Such is the nature of the publishing process – these things take some time to catch and fix. Who knows, like the Philosophers Stone, the original print might be worth something some day :). 
I will keep you informed via my blog, facebook and website as the process moves along. I appreciate your feedback so please leave posts and comments or email me. If you have received a copy of the book with errors and would like to receive a clean copy, please contact me at Thank you for your support and ongoing interest in the The Healing Crystal trilogy.

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